Cambon reporter

  1. I belatedly discovered the cambon sale. Does anyone know if there are any multipocket reporters left? Thanks! :hrmm:
  2. what color combo are you looking for?
  3. any that has the black cc's except pink...
  4. PM'd you!!
  5. hi Roey! i tried replying but your mailbox is full and it won't accept my message...
  6. Emptied! I was wondering what was taking you so long, LOL!
  7. Hey ladies, has anyone seen a BLACK medium reporter on sale at NM (or Saks) anywhere?

    I've called sooo many stores these past couple of days and here's what I found -- Saks said none of the black reporters were ever put on sale (the Greenich, CT Saks Chanel boutique SA, Nancy, said that they made a "pricing mistake" during pre-sale and sold a black/white reporter for 40% off....haha that must have gone to the lucky tPFer here....well she said they're making sure not to make that mistake again.....oh why couldn't I have been that lucky). NM on the East Coast all told me the Black reporters are not discounted -- only the white/beige/pink reporters; when I mentioned that I have friends (aka tPFers) who bought the black one on sale from another NM, I was told outright that it must have been a pricing mistake (?).....the SAs must have thought I was crazy or something. However, when I called NM San Diego this evening, the SA told me that they indeed had the black/white reporter on sale, but those marked-down reporters are all gone now :sad: So it looks like different NM stores have different policies as to what to put on sale?
  8. The s/a at NM Boston told me the black with white and beige with black were both on sale because I called about either color and opted for beige. Either she made a pricing error or they indeed put the bag on sale. Give them a call - unless you already did when you called the east coast stores.