Cambon reporter

  1. If anyone is looking for one check this out

    It's the regular size black with black logo. I was doing a search for a friend who wanted a black with the white logo (and if anyone finds one can you please let me know? ;)) and found a dozen of reporters, among of which this is the only authentic one.

    Does it absolutely KILL you to see all these sellers with 100% positive feedback swearing up and down that their bags are authentic and you can totally tell that they're a REALLY BAD fakes??? :mad:
  2. wow.. thats adorable.. but i think it's a bit bulky.. but thanks for searching!
  3. I know a lot of members here don't like the white cc's on that bag, but I love it! Now I just need to sell one of my kidneys to get the funds...
  4. that bag is gorgeous though i'm looking for one with the white c's on it but if i could i'd buy both....:nuts:
  5. Wouldn't that be nice... ;)