Cambon Reporter owners, please help!

  1. There are 3 sizes to the Cambon Reporter bag, right? -- the mini, the medium (the most popular one? -- retails around $3100?), and the large/overnight.

    Now, is the reporter carried in these celebrity photos the MEDIUM version? Does anyone know the dimensions of the MINI-reporter? What about the large/overnight one?...Is that really huge as SA's report it to be?

    I'm not a logo person at all and just ordered a black on black medium reporter (my SA picked it out for me and confirmed it's the one w/ orig. retail around $3100 -- which she confirms is the medium -- well I sure hope she got the size right!). Anyway, I'm praying that this investment will be worth it...that the black/black version won't be too trendy-looking, can be carried for years to come, etc. What do you ladies think? Would you regard the black/black reporter (as opposed to the ones w/ color-contrasting logos) as a Chanel classic more along the lines of the flap bags, the Caviar totes, and other proven-to-be timeless pieces?
    07.jpg 10.jpg 02.jpg 03.jpg avrilLavigne_chanel-Cambon-Reporter_copy.jpg michelle.jpg black_cambon.jpg 53393539.jpg 53393541.jpg 53393543.jpg
  2. I've never heard of a mini version personally. Whenever I've gone to Chanel, there are only 2 sizes. The "medium" which is like 2700-2900 dollars and the large for 3100.
  3. I wouldn't consider the Cambons to be "classic" along the same lines as the 2.55 & reissues. I think Cambons are more trendy but with lasting power (if that made any sense).

    If you're looking for a true classic piece, go for the 2.55 -gauranteed to NEVER go out of style.
  4. The mini was discontinued and I've personally never seen the 'medium' I used to have the large, and now I'm getting another, I love it! I agree with pink bai2bi, the cambon isn't that classic, it's definitely more trendy. If you want classic go with a reissue or flap.

    By the way, where'd you order from?
  5. Ok, I'm sooo confused now by the the reporter pictured in the celeb shots above the $3100 size or the $2700 size? Could somebody please please confirm? The one in those photos is the *exact* size I want, not too big, not too small -- so if that's the $2600 size then my SA must have pre-sold me the wrong which case I have to call her first thing in the morning to get it corrected! So ladies, which size does it appear to be (in those celeb photos above)?

    doublec31 -- I ordered mine from Hirschleifer's at the Americana Manhasset.
  6. The one Avril has must be the mini. Mine was what your SA called the "medium" for $3175. It was huge, bigger than Avril's definitely. Plus, I think the straps look a little longer.
  7. foxy, did you get my PM?
  8. I love the reporter, and I would love to get my hands on a mini if there is one!!
  9. ^ thats the $3100 one and the one Sharon Osbourne has is the $3100 one
  10. as i know there are only 2 sizes....large and mini
  11. My Chanel s/a told me that there is a mini (not sure if it is discontinued), medium (my bag), and jumbo. Some people call the medium the large size and therein lies the confusion.
  12. You purchased the size you want, trust me. I have the same one in the photos in beige/black - retail is $3175. Avril's looks like the $3175 version. I have seen the mini and it is a lot smaller.
  13. In my opinion, the Cambon line has become a classic. Sure, it was a trendy "it" bag when it first came out several years ago. But Chanel keeps bringing the Cambons back season after season. Judging by their popularity, I think they're here to stay.

    I've got the reporter in chocolate with chocolate CCs and I love it!
  14. Maybe this will help: I bought by Cambon reporter at the Tyson's Chanel (in Maryland) last fall for $2,625. Measuring along the back of the bag, it's about 10 1/2 inches wide (not counting the pockets that stick out on the side), and 7 inches high.

    Frankly, it doesn't hold a lot; I usually use my smaller-size wallet with it, and not much fits in the pockets. But its fabulous! And the large Cambon reporter is REALLY big, more like an office or weekender tote.