Cambon Reporter owners, I have a question please...

  1. Hi, I purchased the multipocket reporter from NM when they had the big sale after xmas in black. So when I got it there were a few little scratches at the top of the bag where the zipper closure is. Now that I have started to use the bag more, I have noticed myself that I have scratched it twice with my finger nail. I did not realize how delicate that leather is at the top. Does this happen to anyone else? Is there anyway I can treat this to blend these in at home? They are little and fine since they are from fingernails but it drives me crazy that they are there!!! If I did take it in to chanel, how long would they keep it? Is there a fee? Thanks so much for all and any input!!!
  2. it's just going to happen again if you sned it to Chanel.
    Cambon leather is very soft, but should blend out when you rub your fingertips on it.
  3. I have the beige/black Reporter and black/black Cambon bowler. I have noticed the scratching on that area on both bags but it is much more apparent on the black. What I do is use a little Appleguard Leather Conditioner on the scratches or wipe them gently with a baby wipe (Huggies with shea butter work really well). As Swanky said, it will smooth them out but not completely remove them.

    I never zip my bags so leaving them unzipped and just reaching in and out to get my things helps to minimize scratching.
  4. thanks, from reading here i thought the cambon was really durable. i will try the baby wipes. i am almost afraid to use it now. thanks again!
  5. I have a white one, imagine...I can't set it down, EVER! I go to dinner and keep it on my shoulder if there's not a chair to set her on. So I use babywipes to clean her as well.
  6. I have tried to leave the bag open so I would not scratch it. While I love the bag...ALOT. I am so nervous to use it. I am sick of worrying about it and it makes it not enjoyable to carry. I am thinking of putting it on eBay. However, I am scared that I will regret it. I just am so worried about it, I mean all the time. I yelled at my 4 year old the other day to stay away from the bag, I think that was the last straw that broke the camel's back for me. For my life it is not practical. I thought it would be because of the pockets. I am just thinking when I go back to work or when my daughter is older will I regret selling it. As I said earlier I got this bag for a too good to be true deal when NM had the after xmas sale. Oh, the other thing to take in to factor is if I sold this one I would get a bag more to fit my lifestyle right now. So shoudl I sell?
  7. Hmm, I don't know why the little scratches on mine don't bother me because I'm really picky about my bags so know exactly where you're coming from. I think because they are at the top around the zipper closure it feels normal because there is no quilting to minimize the scratching. The body of my Reporter gets knocked around quite a bit and is still in pristine condition. It bumps into doors, cars, walls, etc. due to the bulkiness.

    I vote for putting it away and going back to it in the future when your lifestyle is more conducive to carrying it versus selling it if you don't need the money right now.

  8. The scratches really bother me. I am the type of person that gets mad at a scratch on a cell phone. so to me this is like nails on a chalkboard. I would only use the money to replace the bag with another. That is really the only way i buy new bags from the profits of bags sold.
  9. my SA at chanel told me to use good old shoe polish! and it works!

    melatonian (spelling?) is the one she suggested and i got it. it's also good for polishing up corners.

    she also suggested the shoe polish that is clear that comes on a sponge in a little plastic case for polishing and shining up caviar leather. I use this for ALL of my caviar bags!

    good luck!
  10. Have you tried a leather conditioner? My sis has the large pink reporter and she literally throws the bag around. Not one scratch on it and she has had it for almost a year I think. The only problems she has it is it dirty in the 4 corners and the leather is wearing off. That is from her misuse and abuse of the bag. I told her pink leather paint will probably fix it but it doesn't bother her.
  11. i bought mine (beige with black CC) from a wonderful PFer and i adore her (the PFer and the bag LOL) the price was enough to turn me into Mother Theresa in terms of gratitude to the universe for blessings received :p
    i havent had scratches yet because i have so many bags, none of them are used everyday since i rotate them, but if and when i get scratches, it will be no big deal , especially around the zipper like Roey said...........its akin to the honeying of an LV handle, to me! just minor wear and tear, i think if you sell her, you will regret it........
  12. Oh I have that shoe polish, thanks for the great tip!:tup:
  13. Thanks for all the advice and tips. I sadly listed my reporter tonight. While I didnt want to, I just can't stand to worry about it. I have too many nightmares about my girls around the bag. I am hoping I dont regret it. I am also hoping I have the strenght not to remove my listing and just let her go :sad: :sad:. Especially since it was my only chanel.