Cambon Reporter Leather

  1. I tried on the reporter bag in the store for the first time tonight and Iwas surprised about how firm the bag was. :Push:

    From looking at pics on the forum I was expecting it to be much softer. And I thought it was suposed to be a little shiny but the one I saw was matte.

    Is this how all the reporters are made no matter what color?

    I am new to Chanel and am learning. Sorry if this is a dumb question

    I tried on the black/black combo.
  2. I always thought that the cambon was matte and the fakes were shiny, but I could be wrong.
  3. Are you thinking of the shiny patent logo, maybe?

    Anyways, the leather is soft, but it holds it's shape very well. The calfskin should be matte (atleast that's how all of my cambon bags are). I think it's hard to tell on the forum because the flash of the camera?
  4. ^^^Yup. I think that's what confused me. The flash of the camera made me think it was shiny.

    When I saw it in person and it was matte i was really confused
  5. Yeah, I understand. It's strange to see the pictures then see them in person, totally different experience.
  6. How much is the reporter if you dont me asking it looks really nice. i saw this lady carrying on at the gucci store and it looked so elegant.
  7. I'm still learning but the meduim reporter is about $3100 or so.
  8. That's actually the price of the Jumbo, the medium is around 2700 dollars.

    I think that the leather is quite soft. Did you take the stuffing out? That's the only thing I can think of.
  9. The reporter is a very structured bag. It retains it's shape.
  10. That weird. I was at Neimans last night and the black/black combo that I tried on was $3175. She told me that was the large. There was a smaller one too but I didnt pick it up to look at it.

    It was the exact same size as the one that the pf member named double has a pic of in another thread.

    All these sizes really confuse me
  11. Three sizes: mini, medium, jumbo. Doublec and I have the medium retailing for $3175.