Cambon Question

  1. As some of you already know, I recently purchased a large cambon tote to carry some things in for class. I was carrying it the other day with my mac powerbook & someone said that they do not think this is a good idea as it may not hold up very well & may even break at some point. What do you guys think??
  2. Oh! I wouldn't trust it I hear the bags are quite durable but I wouldn't take the chance.
  3. The cambon handles are leather tied in knots.
    I always feel like it'll break off easily... as compare to when a carry a chain strap chanel...
    But I think if thats what you want to carry - carry it! If it breaks you can always fix it.
  4. How heavy is your powerbook?
    Does it feel like the bag is straining?

    IMO Its your bag.. you paid for it... use it as you want.
    If something happens to it you can always pay and get it repaired.
    I say you might as well get your money's worth.
  5. I'm wondering too. . . does the bag look strained?
    If not it should be fine, leather is pretty tough.
  6. I would not put something very heavy in mine, but I really baby my purses.
  7. I'm personally not a fan of putting nice laptops into purses that don't have proper secure holding... my DH has dropped our laptop a couple of times, and it would have been totally worse off had we not been using a laptop bag.

    It's up to you... personally I wouldn't put a laptop into the Cambon, even if there's minimal strain... it would be pretty bad if the strap broke and your Mac dropped.
  8. Wow I've never heard that. The straps seem really thick and nice, especially since the bag has those grommets; the leather of the bag and straps don't rub together much.
    I carry some pretty heavy textbooks in mine and haven't noticed a problem at all.
  9. I dont think it looks strained, but it is heavy.
  10. Mac powerbooks arent' exactly that heavy, I don't think I would put too many more items in there that have weight to them though....