Cambon Pouchettes still available?

  1. I'm on a roll!!! I was wondering if pouchettes from the Cambon line are still available in boutiques (NM, Bloomies, etc)? I've started to save up for a new Chanel, but I really don't know which one to pick. I don't want anything large/huge as I don't carry a lot with me when I go out. I've inquired about the e/w flap in the other thread, but for something so tiny and priced at $1700, I have second thoughts...

    If anybody has any info, especially availability, prices and colors (I've searched the whole Cambon line thread) I would greatly appreciate it.

    Thanks a million everyone!!!:heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart:
  2. There are some Cambon totes @ NM in San Francisco... not really sure about the pouchette though.
  3. Last time I was at my NM about 2 weeks ago, they had a cambon pochette avail. IIRC it was beige w/ black CC's.

  4. my NM had at least one last time I was there.
  5. Cool beans!!! I'm going to hop over to my NM see if they have any...One more thing, though...Is it a classic that will be in production forever? I know some models are being discontinued and you will only be able to find them on eBay...

    Love you all!!! :heart::heart::heart:
  6. My SA told me that the entire Cambon line is discontinued. She told me that she receives calls every week with people inquiring about it. I saw a Cambon tote (black with white CC's) in the Neiman Marcus in Westchester, NY. Good luck!
  7. Yes, Neiman's in SF had the large tote $1925 (black with black patent CC's) and the small bucket tote $1350 (also black with black patent CC's). They also had the pouchette $995 (black with black non-patent CC's) as of yesterday afternoon. The bucket tote might be a good choice since it's large enough for day use, but small enough to not be too bulky for going out.
  8. Lola, that's so odd people have different info.
    My SA told me it's definitely not been discontinued but is only available in blac/patent black and beige/patent beige, I figured she's right as the store is stocked w/ them everytime I go in.
  9. Amsterdam Chanel boutique SA told me they(Paris headQ...) still dunno what to with the Ligne Cambon line....:shrugs:

    one things for sure they dont received them anymore.....for a long time now...:rolleyes:

  10. Check NM in Tysons2. I saw a pouchette in metallic gold about 2 weeks ago.
  11. meyan, I missed your post, no these are not Timeless Classic, which means htey will not be around forever.