Cambon Pouchette thoughts?

  1. I am thinking of parting away with my brown cambon pouchette, do you think I should keep it? Or can I part with it? I'm torn. I never really saw too many people carrying it and it wasn't as popular as the tote or bowler. But it was great for taking out at nite. Any thoughts/advice/opinion?
  2. Do you love and use it still? If so, I'd keep it. I wouldn't worry about popularity over use and function. It seems like a fun clubbing bag. However, if you have your eye on something else and want to use this to fund it, that is an excellent idea. Trading up is a good thing, especially with all the price increases. I don't know if I helped at all. LOL
  3. The brown is a rare color, I'd keep it. Unless you really aren't using it anymore, no use holding onto something you are just not using, no matter how cute it is.
  4. does anyone know how much the cambon pouchette retails for after the price increase? I know it used to be $795 not sure how much it is now.
  5. I like mine its a cute stylish hip bag
  6. I like the brown. I haven't seen too many faked brown cambon bags.
  7. I would keep the brown, the pochette is one of my favorite cambons, it's not as in your face and it's perfect for going out, keep it.
  8. I would keep it. I have the brown Reporter and do not see many of them, plus the brown is rarely faked.
  9. Its a great little bag for going out at night and you dont have to worry much about it. I probably wouldnt sell it if I were you because they dont sell for very much. The brown is my favorite combo.
  10. I agree, if your thinking of selling it would you be prepared to sell it at a low price because I dont think you may get that much for it as the non popular cambon colours dont fecth for much on eBay. I would keep it- but thats just my opinion
  11. If you are really in need of the money sell it but if you still love it keep it, its a rare colourway.
  12. I love the rare brown on brown color combo :heart: But if you don't use it at all, then you should probably sell it.
  13. i have the cambon medium tote bag but i haven't carried her since i got my medium flap last year. from then on, i haven't looked back and have been getting a few more flaps. i was given the cambon as part of my 18th birthday present and i thought it was perfect for my first chanel since i was young and bubbly! now i'm older i don't see myself using her anymore, i'm going to pass her down to my little sis who can use her a lot better than i do.
  14. I'm not a fan of the cambon pochette, so it would be an easy choice for me but If you see yourself using it in the future and you like it. Keep it.
  15. LOL, haha!

    since the cambon is discontinued, it would be really hard to get this bag back, incase you change your mind after you sell it. if you're 100% sure about parting with it then there's no harm in using that $$$ on another bag that you know you'll love!