Cambon pouchette or bowler???

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  1. I'm either going to get the pink and black cambon pouchette or the pink and black cambon bowler. But I can't decide between the two. Anybody have one, or both of them?? Which one is better as an everyday bag?? I want a bigger bag so I think the bowler is a bit bigger, but there's just something so cute about the pouchette that I love. Which one should I get???
  2. I have the pochette and love it but if you want it for everyday and carry alot I would go Bowler.
  3. i have the pochette..but i dont think you wanna use it as an everyday bag..It's just so small..i just can fit my cell phone and key..and a little money and credit card..
    that's for me though =)

    think bowler might be better for an everyday bag..
  4. OMG! I'm having a hard time finding that PINK BOWLER. Where did you see this bag ??? Do you mind givingme the store location so I can call in a order one??? I would be more than :yes: TIA!
  5. the pochette is way too tiny as an everyday bag unless you dont carry a lot with you. the bowler is definitely better suited for that job.

    i have a bowler and i had the pochette but sold it since I had no use for it
  6. This is about all u can fit in the pochette.
    It's quite small but I love it. :heart:
    But I do tend to use the bowler a lot more.

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  7. I would say, go for the bowler!
  8. Bowler! I like bigger bags. :smile:
  9. I have the pochette and had the bowler. I found the bowler too bulky for me and it wasnt too comfortable to carry, but it is bigger. The pochette is nice but maybe not for every day.
  10. bowler
  11. i'd go for the bowler for an everyday bag unless you're the type of gal that carries very little.
  12. If you want an every day bag, go for the bowling bag. I really like the bowling bag and have it in two colors: black with white CC logo and pink with black CC logo. The bowling bag is quite roomy and I'm able to wear it comfortably on my shoulder without it feeling like it's too bulky.

    The Cambon bowling bags were marked down a few months ago at Neiman Marcus so your best bet is to call an SA at either Neiman Marcus or Chanel and have them try to locate the bowling bag for you.
  13. Im leaning towards the bowler, but I do think that a few months after I purchase it (When i have the pay check to afford another one.) that I'll also buy the cambon pouchette. I'm looking to buy one for less money, if it's preowned and it's in good condition, that's fine. (I will probably have to buy one off of ebay.) If anyone knows someone who is selling one, please post or PM me. Thanks you guys. I think I'm gonna go with the bowler first, maybe the pouchette......the decision of which one to buy first is killing me!!!! (Hope I'm not the only one who feels this way, when deciding on styles of Chanel.)