Cambon pochettes!!

  1. This forum is I have a list of handbags I need about a mile long...
    the lastest on the list is a Cambon ponchette!
    I don't know much about Chanel, so was hoping someone out there could tell me if they were still readily available?? (I love the beige and black ones..)
    I'm going to Paris at the end of November, will they be in stock?? Are they still around US$795? (Will also be in NYC in December if its any help...)
    Thanks everyone! :smile:
  2. I dont know about Paris, but you should be able to get one in London..I saw the white and black logo last week
  3. Great! I'm going there as well... anyone else know about Paris? I'm now thinking the black on black are nice...very understated!
    (Thanks agent_provocateur!)
  4. Beige/Black might be hard to come by in US and Canada...I know in the US they went on for 50% (iirc) and were gone pretty fast!

    You should beable to find black/black and white/black. Good Luck!
  5. Yea, the beige/black is going to be hard to come by in the USA since they were on sale at both boutiques and dept.stores. same goes for the pink/black.

    all the other colors is a little easier to find and they should still be $795
  6. Great! Thanks everyone! I think I'll hunt the black/black down.
    now not sure if the little version of the washed lambskin bags would be better...(after a bit more research!) does anyone know their price?
    Think the cambon will still win out!!
  7. I think they have a couple on ebay, if you would like to go that route?
  8. I've just been reading great thing about the sales in the US!!! Do you think I should hold out on buying the pochette in Paris (late November-full price!) or try my luck at the sales in NYC (I'll be there just after Christmas!).....not sure if its worth the risk...I'd love a black on black one!! When do US sales usually start?
  9. i believe the US sales on the other colors were only bc they are being discontinued... i don't know if they will put the black-on-black cambons on sale.
    they still had a black-on-black pochette at full price at the scp boutique last weekend.
  10. Thanks jennifer...that is a good point! Discontinued lines are usually the ones to go one sale... does anyone else know if this is likely to happen again? (I'm very tempted by the savings!!)
  11. I think London may have beige..I went in there yesterday and they only had beige cambon in their store. Hope you find the one you're looking for!
  12. the black on black is not on sale..but yes, the other colors beside black are on sale, but it's kinda hard to find it..gud luck:smile:
  13. pic of the cambon pochette please-----
  14. does anyone know which colors are left to buy in the pochette? and do they make a black with white cc's or just a black with black patent cc's?? and are these still available at like Neimans?
  15. ^ the monochromo colors are available. tan on tan, black on black, and I'm pretty sure if you get a SA to search for you, you can find the contrast ones. there is a black/white pochette but it seems they're hard to come by now.