CAMBON Pochettes

  1. can someone tell me how many pochettes there are in the cambon line?

    and their price, i bought something priced at 795, with Saks sale (a pochette), thinking that theres ONLY one kind.

    apparently theres a messenger pochette too?

    NOW im super scared that im gonna get sth ELSE instead! :cry: :cry: :cry:
  2. i think the messenger pochette is the narrow one that goes across the strap (or it has a much longer strap than the regular pochette). It sounds like you got the right one
  3. god i hope so! the SA was really vague with the measurements saying that hes not allowed to say what it was. and i was excited to hear that he had one! i called all morning and found only 1 place which had a pochette!

    does anyone know the price of the messenger pochette? i would die if i got that instead!!! :cry: :cry: :cry:
  4. $795 as the original price of the shoulder pochette sounds right.

    there is the small messenger pochette that is really like a camera case that you can wear cross body and its about $695ish? The medium messenger would've been around $900ish...I'm sure you got the right pochette!