cambon pochette

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  1. my 22nd birthday is coming up and i thought i'd do a little happy birthday to myself and buy the cambon pochette... my first chanel! :love: i was wondering.. what could actually fit in it? for comparison's sake, is it about the size of the LV pochette? will i love it forever? hehe :biggrin:

    thanks in advance!

    oh and if there are any other chanels i could consider that's under $1000 pre-tax, (or roughly around it) i'd appreciate it!
  2. it is slightly bigger than the LV pochette and its made of soft leather so that it stretches easier to accomodate more stuff. i carry a cc holder, cell, lip gloss, keys and compact digi cam comfortably in it w/o the purse looking bulky. i would suggest getting one in the darker colors as they do dirty easily.
  3. Good luck! Please do post pics should you purchase one? How much are they retail if purchased new, under 1K?
  4. oh i definitely will, i have to brag about it to someone. hehe. it's either $795 or $995, i dont remember. maybe i should go check it out again today. =)
  5. What color are you thinking of getting? Goodluck.
  6. Please do..not that I can afford it now w/ my unforeseen dental bills but I know someday down the line, I would flirt w/ the idea of one. I just want to know out of curiosity! Take a gander and let me know, this way you can ogle it some more...;)

  7. i did go check it out today, and it was $795. it gets more and more beautiful every time i see it! unfortunately, they didnt have the white on black at the boutique, they would have to call and see if they have any in stock. they only had the black on beige, which wouldn't be too good for me because i'll get it dirty. =( i hope they do have it tho, i'd be devastated if they didn't because i have my heart set on it. :sad2:

    pursegalsf: thanks! i was thinking of getting the white on black. :love:
  8. I gotta see pics =D
  9. here are some pics of the Cambon pochette....:smile:

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  10. continue....:smile:

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  11. Thanks for the pics! I really like the pink one, I'm kicking myself for not getting that color b/c now its disco'd!
  12. I personally love the messenger bag too-Has anyone seen it?
  13. Good luck.
  14. So did you wind up getting one yet?
  15. Ooh! Go for it and post pics!!