cambon pochette

  1. How much is it?? Is it still in stores? so sorry if in wrong place
  2. not sure its still in stores. i have a pink one and paid 500 Euros at the time:smile:
  3. I saw a white python with black leather CC in the Short Hills Mall Chanel (NJ)......I didn't see any other Cambon pochettes.
  4. what i know is that it's nowhere to be found in stores....
  5. I think Nordstrom at the Mall of America had a black one with white CC's the other day.
  6. Last price I heard for the cambon pochette was $795
  7. they have a new cambon called cotton club and the puchette looks better than the original one. Its more expensive compare to the original cambon but its has the chain with hardware which looks nicer. You should check out the cotton club first
  8. how much is the cotton club pochette?
  9. I think the CC one is $795
  10. I do like the new cotton club but I prefer the original cambon...I just like the contrast. The only thing that turns me off about the cambon is the amount of fakes. =(
  11. is the cotton club pochette 795? or is it more?
  12. I am pretty sure they are the same price.
  13. cool! thanks guys :tender:
  14. I'm not sure about the price in US but I know in canada its $925 so I gues it would be $850 in US ..:yes: You might want to double check with ur sales
  15. Don't know the current price, but I've seen the pochettes today at 2 different stores. They're pretty much all that's left of this line. PM me if you want to know the names of the stores.