cambon messenger bag too feminim for my brother????

  1. hey guys!

    my brother is interested in this bag right here, but i think its way WAY to feminim for him, what do ya'll think? be honest!!!! lol
  2. Personally, yes, I think it's more of a female bag (as the way I feel about Chanel things in general), but if my brother wanted to rock it, that's his decision.
  3. hmm
  4. he has got the denim messenger bag from chanel, which looks great on him, but he is pushing it way too far with this bag right here, i think its the meduim sized one, dunno.
  5. where are do you live ?
  6. SWITZERLAND BABY!!!!! lol
  7. Well he should be JUST FINE then...
    Did you ever watch the show Sweet Sixteen on MTV...last season
    this guy name BJOURN had the cambone tote that went over the should and it was great.. I was very much in love with the bag....
  8. I personally think it's a feminine bag.

  9. ok but he was a total freak!!!! and my brother has real style, this ''divo'' was totaly over doing it. what i didnt understand was, all of the kids that are on the show are wealthy right? but this divo was so excited about his chanel, which i didnt understand at all. fine its chanel, but when your wealthy you just dont behave like that over a bag, gosh, he was so madly in love with, it was too much, so i think he wasnt realy rich, judging on his reaction over his bag and the house he lived in.
  10. sure your right, but heck.... i sure wont walk with him on the street when he is wearing that bag, hell no, lol
  11. That's up to you. But I'd walk with my brother if he was wearing a dress. I don't care. That's what he wants to do.
  12. well in this case we both got different opinions! i dont want that my lil' bro walks around with something that it obviously a bag for a woman, he might as well use the large reporter bag form the cambon line as a gym bag, or a pink messenger bag from dior, if he buys that bag chanel bag, but i may be the only one that thinks that way, thats why i started this thread, to see what ya'll think.
  13. it is 2006 and i have and we all have seen much worse than a man carrying a chanel bag...
    and borrow it from him from time to time
  14. i thought bjourn was really and maybe they had just come into there wealth

  15. lol who knows???? but didnt you find his behavior a lil too much?