Cambon make-up case

  1. What do you use it for??? Just make-up? I was thinking it would make a cute clutch for casual nights out (I have pink with black CC). What do you think???
  2. Love that idea!!! Would fit cash, credit cards, lipstick and a phone!! What else do you need? Perfect.
  3. That's what I think, too!!!!! And if the whole outfit is black (as mine usually is), pink would add some color to it!!!!!! :heart:
  4. likeafeather77, We are so on!! I didn't used to love the pink but I think in a small piece..just to add a little color with all black or black top and cute jeans, it is PERFECT!!
  5. Ok, thanks to you two, now I want one =) If anyone sees one anywhere (preferably Saks), please PM me!!

    likeafeather, you have a million Chanels, I cant keep up!!
  6. i just saw a whole stack of those at Saks at tyson corner, they were 300 and something, cant remember exactly
  7. Bummer that NM's discount isn't as good as it is at Saks.
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