Cambon lovers

  1. Do you all still use yours - i got mine over 1 year and 1/2 ago ... the white/black bowler ... and i use it occasionally ... don't see many of them around ...

    I have heard that this line is being discontinued? is that correct? very rarely does Chanel ever put things on sale ... it seems this line didn't do very well??

    The SA though at Chanel in NY said the ligne cambon was now considered a classic??/
  2. The pink and beige are discontinued.
  3. I think they do well. It also appeals to a younger crowd for Chanel and has given Chanel a fresh look. Its more of a FUN bag for me.
  4. I view the Cambon line as a classic now. NOT AS classic as Classic Flaps or Reissues (by that I mean not as versatile) but, for example, I can see myself wearing my Cambon bags in 5 years. And, like Luccibag said, they're fun!
  5. I remember the manager at Chanel Calgary saying the Cambon line is one of their most successful lines so yes I believe the Cambon line is classic, maybe not a traditional classic style but a contemporary classic. It was the Cambon line that made me notice Chanel bags.
  6. I just used mine yesterday! I definitely believe they will be around a while longer (esp. the black/white). My SA also said that they were their most popular. I cant tell you how many I see on a daily basis.
  7. I use mine all the time and still in :heart:
    :yes: :yes: :yes:
  8. Definitely in. I love my cambon. It's what I use when I wanna be flashy.
  9. I love my cambon, and it's such a durable bag too!
  10. Ladies, don't forget that Chanel first launched the Ligne Cambons in April 2004 (according to Women's Wear Daily). The Cambons have been hugely popular, spawning knockoffs everywhere, and Chanel keeps bringing them back season after season.

    I think the Cambons were "trendy" at first, but are headed toward "classic" status. I haven't heard that Chanel is discontinuing the line, and I would be surprised if they did, because its somewhat less expensive than other Chanel bags and is bringing in many new consumers, particularly younger ones...

    p.s.--I love my Cambon Reporter in Chocolate!!!!
  11. If all goes as planned, I'll be scoring a black/black calf Cambon Bowler from the Saks sale (at the second markdown price!) on Monday (thanks to a lovely PF member).
  12. oooh, good luck roey...
  13. Roey could you share more information? Which Saks did you get it from as I know neither NM or Saks were supposed to have the black ones on sale :cry:
  14. Yes, I think the cambon line will be around. I use my reporters either the black or the brown now and again, but i use my wallet everyday, I love my wallet! A white reporter with the snakeskin was on sale on Saks for $1900!
  15. The black wasn't supposed to be on sale - every Saks I called confirmed that fact. So I have to assume this was either a mistake or the store had a couple bags (they have sold out of black/black since) leftover and put them on sale. A PF member knew I was looking for a black Bowler and offered to hook me up with her s/a when she returned it to the store. I spoke to the s/a today and she confirmed that when she receives the bag from Fedex on Monday, she will sell it to me at the 40% plus 30%. I'm really excited - that's a $1375 bag marked down to $577.50! But unfortunately, they are completely sold out of Cambon now.