Cambon line

  1. Does anybody know how much it would cost the smallest handbag in black of the cambon line? I don't have any photos now, I'm sorry.
  2. The pochette is the smallest and I believe it is 1090 although some colors have been available on sale in the department stores for 400.00 or less. There is a small messenger bag that looks like it could fit a cell phone and small wallet, lipstick, etc. that is approx. 995.
  3. Quilted means more expensive?
    Pochette is this one?
  4. Did they have a price increase? The last time I was at SCP, the pochette was $850 US. Yes, the Cambon collection was 50% off a month or two ago but not anymore. All of the Cambon bags are quilted. Hope this helps.
  5. i have that in black/white... it was 850 when i bought it...
  6. The pochette was 795 in US dollars. I just purchased a pink/black one on sale and the price tag says 795.
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