Cambon Line...Whats In Store's Now

  1. I know the cambon line is Finishing But Is it actually Finished Yet
    Can anyone Give me a idea whats in store as its been a while since i went to london and Am wondering what I will buy as im going up in june :supacool:
  2. I'm in the US, but I haven't seen any Cambon bags in Chanel in quite a while. I wonder if London will have any???
  3. There was a mini Cambon bowler at Heathrow! Not seen any since.
  4. Chanel in Bellagio, Las Vegas has a beige Cambon tote, I just got home from looking there. They also have wallets.
  5. toronto boutique has the blk/blk patent in both med. and large, as well as the small and larger bowler style.
  6. Oh wow! those went on sale and were pretty heavily marked down a year ago...I'm surprised they still have one!
  7. Yesterday, I saw a Large Black Cambon Tote with Black Patent CC, The Medium Black Cambon Tote with Black Patent CC, the Small Bowlers in Beige and in Black.

    Oh and I forgot to mention... It's in Admiralty, Hong Kong! :biggrin:
  8. How much are the med & large black patent totes?
  9. I've seen a few of the beige cambons at the Chanel boutique at Tysons II. Also the NM at Tysons has the large black tote with black patent CC's.
  10. Is there a Chanel boutique in Heathrow?
  11. ^ Yes, in Terminal 3/Terminal 4
  12. Wow! And so you can buy there without paying taxes??
    Bad that from Treviso there is only the possibility to reach Stansted or Luton and not Heatrow!!!!
    Thanks for the info!! :smile:
  13. i think the large tote is now 1595$ (they had increased prices by 100$ after 2/1/2007)
  14. Holy Heathrow!!! a chanel store at the airport........omg, do you get into major shopping trouble during layovers?? how fab.......
  15. I fly from Heathrow a lot because I live in the UK, and let me tell you, it is a shopping dream and nightmare rolled into one! There's Chanel (my favourite - I spend ages in there), Dior, Burberry and Mulberry in Terminal 4 so you want to buy sooo much but want to save money for your holiday!

    I hven't been recently though so I couldn't tell you what stock they have but most of it is reduced.