Cambon line..still in?

  1. i have no idea why i suddenly fall for the cambon large tote/multipocket...but i thought it might be silly to get a cambon in 2007... do u guys think that it is a bit sooo last season, or u girls still find the cambon attractive?
    plus, does chanel still sell this bag in their shop? thanks! :rolleyes:
  2. I personally don't care for the Cambon, never have.

    But with that said, who cares what I or anyone else thinks if YOU love it? You are the one who is going to carry it and you have to be happy with it.

    No, it isn't the latest trend and no, it isn't an "it" bag, but I just don't let that bother me if it's something I love.

    CHANELboy posted in the Chanel shopping forum that Nordstrom, Mall of America just got their last shipment of Cambon totes, black with the black patent CC.
  3. yes. Call Nordstorm at Mall of America and ask for Lucas. Actually quite a lot of people are still looking for the cambons. If you love it, I say get it. The price is so much cheaper than all the new bags and I wouldnt say that its "last season"--yet, but honestly, it may be in about 6 months. your call. Good luck!
  4. It's definitely NOT silly to get cambon because it's still a Chanel bag! & as long as you like it's a really young looking Chanel bag....I love it!!! I have a pink bowler & it makes me feel younger. What color are you planning to get?
  5. Its not silly, if you love it wear it!!! There are still some cambon pieces around :smile:
  6. I love the Cambon line and personally feel it will never go out of style - it's Chanel after all! I will continue to use my Reporter and Bowler for a long time to come.
  7. Provided you fall for it, it's always to find and get your love at any time, right? The same principle applies for Chanel Cambon. Don't forget, you're going to get something for yourself, but not for others. Buying things because of what others think is "silly" then.
  8. I have a few Cambon bags and love them all. I feel they are timeless, and fun. If you love it, why not have it?
  9. i want to get the beige w/ black cc :p...awww

  10. ooh no! it's been discontinued for at least a year now -- the beige with black CCs. your best bet may now be e-bay and consignment shops. Or maybe abroad -- I'm not sure if they went on sale out of the states...
  11. yea i admit im a bit silly to care of what other think of me =D thanks loads u girlies :tup: i think i know what i should do now ! =)
  12. :crybaby:i don't know why my love for cambon comes this late :sad:my last resort: eBay!!! :push:

  13. it's okay, my love for my dream bag came 4 years too late. The bag you are looking for shouldn't be too difficult to find on eBay! I'll keep an eye out for you. :smile:
  14. cambons are still available if you want to buy one. and it's never too late. not my taste though.
  15. I feel that every Chanel model has its own character, and if the person who carries it actually carries it well.... it would in fact 'prolong' that special characteristic ..and that's the uniqueness of Chanel.... Chanel is a classic.... don't worry about "out of date" ...
    I am not sure if I am making sense here..... perhaps I should try to write in Chinese....