cambon large wallet/clutch or wait for cotton club fall?

  1. hi! i am undecided whether or not to purchase a cambon wallet (i want the zippered all around style with 8 credit card slots) now or wait for fall '07 in case the same style comes out in the cotton club line (which i love). do you think the cotton club will come out with an identical wallet such as the cambon ligne style or should i invest now in the cambon? my only peeve with the cambon is the white CC design. im afraid it would get dirty after continuous usage. thanks!
    :shrugs: :confused1:
  2. I just saw a great cambon wallet posted with black patent CC's. I think it looked great.
  3. where did u c that?
  4. There are cotton club wallet, I can post pics if u want?
  5. Try to find the same Cambon wallet in the black patent cc on black combo. I have a small one and love it! I adore the hot pink interior which the cotton club ones do not have.
  6. ^^^ ITA! I am crazy about the hot pink against the black! The white CC's do get dirty easily, so like sammiekat suggests, I'd go with the black patent on black! :nuts:
  7. what color is the interior of the cotton club wallet?
  8. I'm not a fan of cotton club. I think cotton club is nice line but couldn't encourage me to pay for it.

    I love Cambon and still think that it is worth to choose.