Cambon Large Tote

  1. I am desperately in need of a tote and am considering the large cambon tote. Im reluctant to purchase the black with white logo in fear of having the white discolor. Im not a fan of the other colors except for the black with patent logo but i already have that color combo on my cambon bowler. I loved the black with grey logo used for the overnight bag but is this combo avail in the large tote as well?
  2. most of the 2 tones are gone.
    You'll probably only be able to find black on black or beige on beige at most places.
  3. are the balck on black still on sale?
  4. they're FOR sale, but not ON sale.

    The 2 tones were on sale last year, not the monochromatic.
  5. ah ok thanks Mama!
  6. I have the camobn tote in black with white CC's and have used it soo many times and I am quite rough with my bag, and I have to say the white is not dirty at all. Every now and agin I will wipe it with a baby wipe and that really does the trick!
  7. Wow Cammy1,
    your tote is more durable than I imagined.
    Good to hear :smile:
  8. Oh yeah, and my son threw up in it as well, so cambons are real durable!
  9. ITA. Have the cambon large tote and it's pretty indestructable!