Cambon Large Reporter...HELP!

  1. Has anyone seen a large black on black patent large reporter bag, other than eBay? I have the smaller version and really want the large one. I have called everywhere!

  2. So sorry, I read your post too quickly. It is the large black/black tote that is at Neimans BH and Nordstroms
  3. That is EXACTLY the bag that I am looking for now!!:tup:( Well,in addition to a few others) Again, it is only on eBay I have seen it. The Chanel in Amsterdam does not have it, and they say they do not think they will get it.:crybaby: Please keep me updated if you find it - like put 2 on hold! I really want it but have resigned myself to getting it off ebay....... If you are in the US did you call the 1800 Chanel number? In Chanel SF they also said they were not expecting any...please let me know what you find!
  4. Actually, I found a reputable seller on ebay. She has sold other VERY expensive bags, has been a member for 4 years and has 100% feedback. She had the ONLY authentic large PINK Reporter (the others on ebay were obvious fakes) and I fell in love with it! So......I bought it! I rationalized pink like this....I already have a small black reporter with white CC's, so why not go for a color?!!? Anyway, If I hear/see any others I will let you know!
  5. Good for you!!!!!! Well I do not have any yet, so I still want black, like where you were. Very nice! Congratulations!
  6. Make that 3!!! I want one too!!!
  7. I believe I saw a black on black large reporter bag at the chanel boutique at tysons mall in virginia...give them a call, Good Luck!
  8. Does it only exist? I have been looking for it but in vain. What you find on Ebay is small black on black patent reporter or larger black on black ( NOT patent) reporter. NO black on black patent large reporter bag !!! i wish there was one :crybaby::crybaby:
  9. How about the Beige with Black CC reporter bag?:graucho:I think the color is gorgeous. I have one and i love it.:tup:
  10. Wonder if its black on black patent? Will check if someone has not already..... Thanks!