Cambon large blk/wh. ???

  1. I went to the Chanel boutique today and seen the small cambon black w/ white CCs...I was wondering is the large Cambon black w/ white CCs still available...Or is being discontinued??? (I had done a search on "Cambons" and read about the cambon bags being discontinued..)

    (pic below) If so, Anyone know the price??

  2. I've only seen the black on black at the NM I work at.
  3. Thx, for your input.:yes:

    I'm trying to decide between the black on black (patent), and the white CCs on the larger size. Just wasn't sure if they're both still readily available.

    I'm trying to remember on the larger cambon....Do they have a pocket on the outside on the opposite site of the side w/ the CC's?? You know the side that goes against your body when you're wearing it. I vaguely remember there being a pocket there???? Hmm...

    (Sorry, I'm a Chanel newbie):rolleyes: LOL!!

  4. Yes,they have a pocket outside!!:yes: :P
  5. Cool deal! Thx!! We went everywhere yesterday...was a blurrrrrr. LV, Chanel, YSL, Gucci...

    I was looking for a black shoulder bag...1st went to LV, didn't see any that I liked and worked for me....Gucci..nothing, YSL nothing...

    Chanel.....OOOOOooo, the Cambon!!:sweatdrop: I was like...("wasn't there a pocket on the outside????") LOL!!! That lil pocket seems like it would be handy for a cell ph.

    THANKS again!! :yes:
  6. You're welcome!!:P :flowers:
  7. The black Cambon w/ white CC's & the black w/ black are being discontinued, so I've been told. But not the black w/ black patent. Personally I like the black w/ black patent the best anyways!
  8. I would recommend not getting the one with the white CCs as they get dirty! I have that color combo in the wallet & I want to cry when I look at how dirty the white has gotten. I'd like to add that I take good care of my bags & wallets so I guess it just happens :sad:. I have the large blk/blk cambon tote tho & I LOVE it! No problems yet with & I take that bag everywhere!
  9. Hmm...Ya, I'm leaning towards the blk/ w black patent.:yes: I'm a bit confused cuz the SA at the Chanel yesterday told me they were being discontinued. I'm not sure if he meant all the cambons or the blk patent one in particular. He used to work at LV and has just recently ('bout a month or so) started working at Chanel now. Hmm...???:confused1:

    I keep thinking "Should I go w/ the white CCs?"....but I was looking for a solid black bag. The patent one looks so nice!!!!!! LOL, I guess I should go w/ what I was looking for.:rolleyes: It's a hard decision for me....This will be my 1st Chanel. Just want to make sure I get the right one.:yes:
  10. Thx, for your help!! Ya, that's true 'bout the white CCs. I was sorta concerned w/ that also. I also try to be very careful w/ my bags as well...but I can't prevent everything. :sad: Hmm...I did love the black patent one when I tried it on. WOW! Was really nice! They only had the smaller cambon w/ the white CCs. Was too small though.

    I have a ton of handheld bags (LV) and only 3 shoulder bags. Nothing in black. I wanted a tote shape shoulder bag. I guess the Chanel patent cambon may be "the one". I wanted a bag relatively close to the same size as my LV Batignolles Horiz. I wore that one w/ me yesterday and it's just a bit bigger than the Cambon, not much. So the large cambon is a good size.:yes:
  11. I just got my 1st Chanel Saturday so I many choices, I hate decisions! hehe I almost got a Cambon & I definately like the black w/ patent the best! It stands out more than the plain black CCs, but not too much, like the white CCs IMO. But yes, an SA told me the patent is not being discontinued, only the white & plain black CC lines.
  12. OOoo, Congrats on your 1st Chanel!!!!!!!!!:yahoo: Hmm, LOL I was thinking the patent was being I was telling dh we have to hurry and go get it! (He said we could get it now, but that he'd wrap it up 'til Xmas) ACK!!!!!! But now since it's not being discontinued....then "technically" I should wait til Xmas. Butttttttttttt, now that I've seen it and tried it on...How can I possibly wait til Xmas?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?:wtf: LOL!!!

    Thx for the info!!:yes:
  13. When I was at Stanford NM last week, there was one (black with white cc's) in houston....I was really tempted...might still be available.
  14. Thank you! Ooooh, get it now! You never know how inventory will be near the holidays. :shrugs:
  15. Yep, I'm probably going to go get it in the next few days....but, dh is saying I can't use it til Xmas! UGHHHH!!!:sweatdrop: I'm still working on him :graucho: