Cambon Khaki/Green w/ python..yay or nay?

  1. What does everyone think about this color combo? I keep going back & forth on it.
  2. yay
  3. i love it! its different but can still be worn as a neutral so pretty lol a little GI jane action going on i think :smile:
  4. i like it! the python really works with the green
  5. no. looks tacky in my opinion.
  6. LOVE IT!!! Where did you see it..I would love to see it IRL......
  7. I like it.
  8. 0o0o0, i've never seen anything like this before! I quite like it!!!
  9. I love it. They had a khaki with python french wallet at my NM on sale. $395. I already have a cambon french wallet, otherwise I would have bought that one.
  10. ^omg!where??????
  11. Yes! Love it! Does anyone know what bags were produced in this combo? Thanks!
  12. I love it. I don't really like the Cambon line, but this one is HOT, like Chanel went rock n roll.
  13. hello. for olive with python, i've seen small pochette (around HK$6500) and medium bowling bag. It's released last summer and seasonal, not reproduced anymore. :yes:
  14. Very nice,Go for it !!!
  15. I like it!