Cambon Keyholder

  1. I'm not sure but is there a Cambon Keyholder? If there is what color combinations does it come in and does anyone have a photo? Specifically is there one with the black patent C's? Thanks in advance!
  2. Hi there is a combon key holder:yes: it came in many colour ways, such as black on white, black on patent,beige on beige, white on black, pink on black - however the later 2 will be hard to find as they were discontinued a while ago.
    I have attached some photos for you from a Japanese site- however I am unsure about the price in US I think it is around £150 in UK, I hope this helps x
    img10151068469.jpg img10151613249.jpg img10151068462.jpg img10151068540.jpg img10151679930.jpg
  3. Sweet...thanks for the photos. Would anyone know if the black patent on black is still available anywhere in US?
  4. I'd love to get that too, but my car key is so freaking huge, it would never fit!!!!
  5. Mr.Posh~~~ had pretty much all the color for the key holder!!
  6. call 800-550-0005 and ask them to try to locate one for you....hope you find one!
  7. I tried looking for one last year and couldn't find one. Good luck.
  8. how much are they in USD?
  9. Does anyone know what color/material the lining is for the Black Patent/Black one is?
  10. i like the black and pink :smile:
  11. mine is the hot pink, but i have the black with white ccs. not sure, sorry, someone should be able to tell you shortly....
  12. Black/ patent is hot pink lining as well