Cambon help

  1. I'm getting my first Chanel, a cambon medium tote for Christmas. I am getting the black with patent leather C's, however I was wondering if there are any stores that carry the black with white at after the summer? As of now, I am told I cannot get one this time of year.
  2. I've seen the black w/ white in some boutiques recently. BUT, if you're thinking of getting one hurry & call around b/c I heard the black w/ white CC's is being discontinued. I don't have any Cambons, but I've heard the white gets dirty, I would go w/ the black w/ patent.
  3. ^she's right, the 2 tone is gone after it's gone. No more in production.
  4. Oh wow. Is that for all two tone cambon bags or just the tote bags? I was thinking of getting a black bowling bag with white cc, but not in patent.
  5. thanks for the now the question is: get one before they are gone, or don't get one because they will be discontinued? I'm not sure...I feel like I should because its last chance, but on the other side I do not want to carry a discontinued line.
  6. J'Adore, all the 2 tones, not just the totes.
  7. Two tones are really hard to find now. In my area we've been only receiving one tones with patent since the big sale.
  8. Thank you Swanky Mama.

    jennabr, I am wondering the same thing now. This was going to be my first Chanel.
  9. Has anyone seen any of the cambon large totes anywhere in the 2-tones? I would like a pink with black CCs or possibly a black with white CCs. Thanks.