cambon grand shopper

  1. hi! i'm new to this forum. i bought a Cambon grand shopping tote a few days ago. i checked the inside lining, and one side along the bottom doesn't look right to me (i'm actually holding it in the pic). also, there's a protion on the strap where a piece of leather is sort wrapped around it...that shouldn't be there, right? are these normal?

    i bought this bag from Saks 5th in Miami. Saks could not sell fakes, i know. i'm questioning the quality of the Chanel bag that i bought.

    i'm debating whether i should return it or not because these bags aren't being made anymore (from what i heard)... and i really, really like it.:love:

    :s help!:crybaby:

    :confused1: :confused1: :confused1:
    IMG_1278.JPG IMG_1290.JPG
  2. First of all: welcome!

    The wrapped leather on the strap is normal on the cambons.
    Take a look in the reference library where fellow members placed pictures of their cambons.

    Not sure about the inside lining, but maybe someone who ownes a cambon can help you with that :yes:
  3. Here's the interior to one of my cambons:

  4. And my small cambon: