Cambon flats

  1. The eBay seller says they measure 9.5 inches from the heel to the toe, and my feet are a few millimeters off that. But I'm confused because I've measured some other flats I own and they are like 10" heel to toe.

    I wear a 7.5 to 8 in shoes, and these cambon flats are a 8.5. I've heard they run really small.

    Can anyone who owns these flats give a testimonial about the size? I would try them on in the store for size but they don't carry them anymore. I'm dying to buy them (okay, have husband buy them) for my birthday! :heart:
  2. I wear a 38 in Chanels and am a very solid 7.5. Hope that helps!
  3. I wear a 37 and I'm a 6.5
  4. Check bloomies before you buy, i know bloomies SCP in California has some in stock. THey just don't have my size.
  5. they have them at SCP!! I've never seen them!
  6. Okay, went to SCP and tried on the 8.5's... they fit "ok", they could be smaller but I'll make them work lol! thanks for the tip, schmoo.. I had no idea SCP had them.