Cambon flats still available?

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  1. Hi, I was wondering if the Cambon ballerina flats are still available? I'm leaning towards the cream colored ones, either with the black CCs or the cream colored patent CCs. Has anyone seen them and what's the price? Thanks!
  2. I pre-ordered them from Bergdof and they are scheduled to ship middle of Dec.
  3. I ordered on Nov 16th and don't know if they have anymore, but you could try.

    1.800.558.1855 Ask for Susan.
  4. Thanks South! What color did you get and how much were they?
  5. I got the black with white C's and I believe they were $550 plus shipping. No tax b/c I live in SC :smile:
  6. Does anyone know if they will be on sale anywhere?
  7. Funny this thread comes up. I woke up yesterday and realized I need some good black flats. I had the Cambons on my needs list so many times but took them off. At 5'3, I was trying to move away from flats(felt frumpy) but realized yesterday with all my running around I need some chic,comfy foot wear and sneakers(love my puma h street but..)won't do. So they are back on the list and I am calling my girl Cassandra at Chanel today. Put her to work on locating them:graucho:
  8. Please let us know if you can locate a few for us!
  9. I have been on the phone with Chanel, NM, Saks this morning and they are all telling me NO MORE!!! I am so... sad...I woke up yesterday and realized I had to have a pair of these!!

  10. Did you try the Bergdorf number I gave? She was so nice when I called. She may still be able to help you.
  11. hi, they are $525 plus ship and tax. i have them in every color. love them. u will too!
  12. oh and call the chanel boutique. although quantities are limited cause of xmas.

    good luck!
  13. Are they included in the BG sale?

  14. I doubt it b/c they are waiting on new stock. Mine still have not shipped. I will call Susan today and see if she has any info and let you know.
  15. Thanks so much!