CAMBON FLATS NEEDED!! Has anyone seen any... point me in the right direction...

  1. I am so late to like things sometimes. I NEED these shoes! I wear a 10 or 10.5 in most flats (GUCCI, Prada) (CHOOS I wear an 11, Blanhnik 11/11.5, Louboutin depends on the style) So you get it... I have no idea what size I wear and don't want to go to eBay b/c I can't return..

    Please tell me you have seen them!!

  2. I have been looking for the same flats for months! I have tried EVERYWHERE!! I think our only hope is eBay.

    These flats run small. I'm told one size up from your normal size is what you need.

    If you do happen to find them in a store, please let us know which store has them!! I think they are from last summer...
  3. I bought mine from the Chanel boutique I think a few months ago. Not sure if they're all gone. I got the black with white CCs and I normally wear a size 6, and they felt true to size to me, as I bought a 36. You can try asking any boutique to locate one for you. Good luck!
  4. Not sure where you can get these but they run very small. I normally wear 8 1/2 to 9 in Gucci, 39 1/2 in Choo, MB, and CL, and 40 in Chanel. I tried the 40 on and it was too small.
  5. i got the last pair in Beverly Hills a month ago.. thank GOD they're the black and white!! i'm a size 10 too, and i got the 42 which actually fit very well as this style runs really small. ( all of this was after my sa called 9876545678965 boutiques and located the last pair... )
  6. Try Bergdorf. I saw a black Cambon flats with small heels and black patent CC logo.
  7. yes, I also spotted these at bergdorf just last week.
  8. i saw them in bloomingdales this past weekend and shoes were buy one get on 50% off which included chanel!
  9. Please tell me which bloomingdales that you saw. I saw CAMBON FLATS black on black last weekends at Nordstrom, Valley Fair Mall. I'm looking for black on white. If anybody found one please let me know.
  10. saw a bunch at nordstroms valleyfair
    but this was a month ago or so
  11. Just ordered a pair from Bloomies this morning!
  12. Which Bloomie's? :smile:
  13. Yes, I want to know which Bloomie? Which color you got? I want the black on white.