cambon flats at my saks!!!

  1. I went to my Saks yesterday (at the walt witman mall in huntington ny) and they had a pair of black cambon flats with the black patent leather cc's in a 9.5, my SA also told me that there are more in the system and ordered me a pair in my size!!! I know a lot of people are always looking for these so I hope this will help some pfers out!!
  2. That's funny, My Saks in florida had them too. they're back?!?!!
  3. Baglover...did you order a whole size up?
  4. i beleive these ran big..if I remember correctly
  5. So when ordering should one go with a half size down?
  6. i think its run true to size. i thought it run 1/2 size smaller. i am size 37.5 and bought size 38, it little loose on me, but it works. so maybe you can order your normal size. hope this help!
  7. Are Chanel flats comfy and how much? TIA!
  8. Does anyone have a picture of someone wearing these shoes? I would love to see how they look on.
  9. I went up a size and my toe still hits a bit at the end. I'm sorry I didn't go up 2 sizes for that Cambon flat.
  10. I actually saw them at the Nordies in Valley Fair last Thursday. If my memory serves me right, it runs larger than regular by half the size. Anyway, I didnt find them too comfortable, so I left empty handed.:push:
  11. i think its ok .. its pretty comfortable. i will rate its 9 out of 10 being 10 very comfortable. the price is 510 usd. and bloomingdales also have them. i bought mine from bloomies SCP.
  12. I have the originals and have tried these new ones. I wear US 11 and a size 42 in the original were snug on my toe. The new ones feel a 1/2 size larger and fit perfect. An SA mentioned to me that they changed the sizing on some of their new shoes to make them a bit bigger. Which is great for us big foot gals!
  13. Can anyone help? If I'm normally an 8 in flats 8.5 in sandals and some boots do I get a 38 or 38.5?
  14. you probably can try size 38.5 . i ordered 2 sizes from bloomies at one time, the one did not fit well, went back to the store. they dont charge me shipping fee. good luck.

  15. I just purchased these (black ligne cambon flats with black patent CC logo) last week from Saks in Beverly Hills. I ordered them in a size 37 but they were just a little too small for me and I exchanged them this past Saturday at Saks in SF for a pair in the 37.5 size. The 37.5 were a bit loose (heel slipped a bit when walking) so the SA placed a pad in each of the flats and that seemed to help out a lot. I paid $570 for mine, before sales tax. Per my SA at SAKs in Beverly Hills, the ligne cambon flats with the patent CC logo were re-introduced by Chanel in February 2007, which is also about the same time that the "older" styled ligne cambon flats (black with white CC logo, pink with black CC logo) were discontinued. I'd recommend going up 1/2 size in these flats for a more comfortable fit. What's interesting is that I also have the ligne cambon high heeled Mary Janes (black with white CC logo) and I needed a size 37 for that particular shoe style.