Cambon fakes

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  1. I am SO fumin' mad. I just had a woman chase me down in the mall and ask me where I got my Cambon tote (beige with black) I told her I got it in NY and she asked if it was from a street vendor???? I told her it was from a department store and she said, "oh, it's real?"
    I know people have posted about this before but it's so frustrating. I was so happy when I got my Cambon tote and I carried it with pride. Now, I just feel silly...
    The Cambon fakes are flooding the market and it's getting worse. I hate fake bags!
  2. I feel the same. I love my cambon, but it just breaks my heart to see all the fakes out there, especially when someone carrying a fake stares at mine.
  3. Die hard fakes are not that common in the UK, I'm so glad.

    You can tell pretty quickly it is a fake, I think generally people here buy fake Burberrys, monogram LV and Balenciaga.

    I can understand your rage with people assuming you are carrying a fake though.
  4. omg..i would be pissed if that happend to me lol.
  5. Agreed!!!
  6. You have every right to be mad. What nerve that lady had!:cursing:
  7. The cambons are limited edition now, aren't they?? I think they're retired now, so I'm hoping that after even a year or so people will stop producing fakes of them. It's such a shame. I love the pink and black cambon totes and pouchettes, but I'd hate to think that someone thought my bag was fake.....I have designer handbags but it takes me a long time to get the money for each one, and if I paid a lot of money for a cambon Chanel I'd be like crushed if someone thought mine was fake.
  8. I have a cambon pink bowler; I haven't wear it yet because there are so many fakes around. :sad: So many teenagers were wearing them. I can't tell if their bags are real or fake from far away. :sad: I can only tell when I stand closer to the bag. Sigh..! I hate fakes!
  9. On the flip side, isn't there some pride associated in informing someone who thinks your bag is fake that it's authentic? As long as I know I'm carrying the real Chanel it doesn't bother me if someone assumes mine is fake or they're carrying a fake.

    A teenage girl chased me down in the mall a few years ago when I had my LV Speedy 30 wanting to know if it was real and how much I paid for it. I didn't get upset or tell her it was none of her business; it was actually kind of cute.
  10. That teenage girl probably have no idea of how much a real LV speedy cost. :yes: lol
  11. I see girls at school with fake cambons all the time, I've gotten into the habit of rolling my eyes everytime I see one.:rolleyes: Their one of the reasons why I don't bring designer bags to school, I'm not in that much need of attention :hrmm:.
  12. ITA ... my Cambon bowler was the first Chanel bag I had ever bought and seeing all these young girls carrying fake Cambons just makes me annoyed. We have a lot of teenagers carrying those fakes here ... oh well, at least I know mine are real! I think true bag addicts will know whether mine are real or not!:yes:
  13. I wouldn't worry about it at all. You have the satisfaction of knowing that your bag is the real thing. Fakes give themselves away every time...just carry your Cambon with pride.
    I have a black on black cambon tote, it is real, and I love it.
  14. i know someone that has 60K diamond earrings that carries fake chanels. I am so disgusted at her. Shes worth over 5 million dollars and she buys fake handbags.
  15. In no way do I support counterfeit items of any kind, but I do have to say that it's all about priorities. Some people like expensive jewelry, some like expensive handbags. Her priorities obviously lie elsewhere. Having a lot of money doesn't mean that someone is going to buy something simply b/c it's pricey. Not an excuse, but I still had to say it.