Cambon Credit Card holder

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  1. Anyone has it? And the retail price for it is...? I called a Chanel Boutique and they gave me a ridiculous number like $490. (or is it true?) :amazed:
  2. hmmm..........ridiculously high or low? Sounds about right to me: pricier than LV, less expensive than Hermes.
  3. I thought it was less than that, as well. I'm sure someone on the forum can confirm the price. These girls know everything!
  4. I'm thinking on the high-side. I swear I remembered seeing someone posting about it being in the 300$ range. I can't find that post now. :Push:

  5. :yes:
  6. I think less than $300, someone has one
  7. I was thinking less than $300, too. I thought it was in the high $100s really, but that might be a little low. Now I'm dying to know!
  8. I paid $240CDN for I'd assume it is around there? Its the one that JUST hold CC's rite? The pink one in the picture? :flowers:
  9. Oh that's cute! How much can it hold? I wonder if it's on sale now too...
  10. That's IT!!! Thank you my dear. I thought I was hallucinating. :Push:
  11. Surprisingly it can hold a lot! The leather expands so yeah, you can pack a lot in there...moreso than the vuitton cles! i love mine, i'm thinking of picking up one in black/white!
  12. I just asked! The boutiques with the promotional pricing going on for the Beige&Black and Pink&Black are selling them for $160USD!! It was originally for $210.

    I feel the itch ...
  13. oooo wonder what else is there for chanel around that range.
  14. the bags that are on sale are still out of my price range. heehee.....
  15. I'm a little unclear about how it holds the cards. Are there just credit card slits on the other side (not shown)? Or does it open up?