Cambon Chanel

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  1. I was wondering if any knows what the interior color is for the black on black cambon tote. I will be looking to purchase one this weekend. Any help would be VERY appreciated. :idea:
  2. It is Fushia
  3. thanks:smile:
  4. One more thing, I contacted the chanel boutique only to discover they will not have the bag until May. Any suggestion on where I can purchase the bag?
  5. Is that true for all Chanel boutiques? How about Neiman's or Saks? They may have it.
  6. I'm not sure, but their SF location won't carry this until May. I will try Neiman's or Saks. Wish we luck
  7. The Chanel boutique can locate it for you in their other stores if you ask them to. Good luck. I have the black patent on black, is that the one you are looking for?
  8. Yes- can this bag be used for everyday even though the CC's are patent leather?
  9. i wont recomment it .......i have the medium tote and i am very carefull with it....
  10. I recently purchased the non-patent black on black combo. If you are concerned about scuffing or maintaining the patent, you might want to consider the flat black CC one.
  11. I use mine every few weeks for 2 to 3 weeks at at time. I've had it since last summer, I haven't had any problems. It still looks brand new. I hate to admit it, but it's also my diaper bag.:lol:
  12. I have the black on black(no patent)large tote..I use it for everyday for months now and it has held up great..........
  13. i'm really wanting hte balck patent on black tote...but don't know what size to get. Actually I don't know anything aboiut this line. WHere can I find out the dimensions of all the sizes?
  14. Hi All,
    what's a girl to do, but I am lending towards the flat since this will be used everyday. Also, would this bag be considered a classic?
  15. ginger, i answered you question for the large in your other cambon thread.