Cambon Camera Bag

  1. Does anyone know the approximate dimensions of the attached camera bag? The s/a sent photos to my email account and is gone for the night so I won't be able to inquire until tomorrow. I am wondering if it is going to be a mini/small bag or a small/medium bag.

    The most important question is: Is it smaller than the $1375 Bowler in the cambon line?
  2. It's smaller than the bowler, bigger than the pouchette. I don't have exact dimensions, sorry!

    It's shaped like the pouchette only a little bit larger. I would say it's more of a small-medium bag.
  3. How much is this camera bag?
  4. i hate this bag. I used to have one in Its a shoulder bag, but it hits your hips (im 5'7) and the shoulder straps are too short to be a messenger and to long to be a shoulder bag. its quite big though, it fit the same stuff that fit into my lv cerise speedy 25.
  5. I didn't get the price - will find out tomorrow. I know it's on sale but not sure of the original retail or markdown percentage.

    Thanks doublec! It is really cute but I'm thinking too small.
  6. pgurl, can it be worn on the forearm? Because I prefer to carry all my bags in the crook of my elbow versus on the shoulder. Oh, just reread your post. I'm 5'2" and short waisted. I suppose it would to my knees then!
  7. oh no way. the straps are tooo long to be carried in the crook of your arm. the straps are akward long, but not long enough to be worn across the body as a messenger. and not short enough to be worn properly over the shoulder, its that ïn between length, blah.

    they really didnt sell too many of these because of this reason, accordoing to my sa.
  8. the price i think is 1450.00 and then 40% off.
    there is a pic of it at on the model. let me see if i can get it.
  9. Oh shoot, the Bowler is cheaper retail (my first choice) but Nordstrom didn't put that one on sale.
  10. hi roey, i tried pm'ing you back but your mailbox is full and it won't accept my message...
  11. [​IMG]

    ^^^^ thats the camera bag. see how akward it looks LOL.
    which color bowling bag are you looking for?
  12. That was so nice of you to go and find that picture! You're right, I would have been very disappointed.

    Bowling bag in either black or beige would be great, but since I'm getting a beige reporter black would be better.