Cambon Camera bag question

  1. Can someone tell me what color the interior of this cambon bag should be? I bought one today at the NM presale and I'm positive the interior of the one I purchased (which I didn't get to bring home) is white.

  2. Hmm.......I thought they were all hot pink- if it is white it's going to be hard to keep clean, although it does sound gorgeous!
  3. I thought the white bags with the snake skin CC's had orange interior lining. But the one I purchased today had white interior lining. I'm hoping someone else owns this exact bag and can tell me for sure.
  4. Which NM? What percent off?

    Enquiring minds want to know...:graucho:
  5. orange lining.
  6. i'm thinking orange lining too
  7. NM in the Fashion Valley mall in San Diego. But I think ALL Neiman Marcus are having their presale right now for First Call.

    Hm...I might have to call Chanel tomorrow and confirm the interior color. I wonder why the one at Neiman's had white interior?:amazed:
  8. Are there any other colors in this handbags besides white?
    New color for fall for the cambon line?