Cambon Bowler: Versatile??

  1. What do you guys think of the cambon Bowler bag? It seems like the opening is kind of small. You have to stretch the opening quite wide in order to put stuff into the bag. This may make the leather beside the zipper wrinkly (hope this make sense!) I notice that some other style of the bowler bags from Chanel have zippers that open down all the way so the openinng is bigger. Anyone bother by the zipper in the cambon bowler bag? I mostly seen the cambon tote being copied, but not too much of the bowler bag (or I can be wrong). What do you think?
  2. I have the Cambon bowler in black/black CC and while the opening is not wide, it is not difficult to fit things into the bag. I have a very thick leather Coach wallet (checkbook style) that fits inside nicely as well as a large brush and Nokia cell phone. If I forego the brush I can fit my Chanel sunglasses (w/hard case) inside.

    This is my go-to bag when I need something durable and worry-free. The leather beside the zipper isn't wrinkly but it is a little bit bumpy in places - I definitely understand what you mean by that! It doesn't bother me though and things like that usually do. :biggrin:
  3. I also have the cambon bowler bag and it is not difficult at all to get things in and out of. For example yesterday in side it I managed to put my large wallet, mobile, make up bag, 2 nappies, baby wipes, small brush and still had space- and it was not hard to get my things out. It is my fav. out and about bag as it is so easy for me.
  4. I had the cambon bower and did not even realised that the opening was smaller.. :yes: its a very functional bag imo. And i could put loads of things in it :yes:
  5. I have the cambon bowler bag! I think the opening part is okay! And, the bag is pretty fuctional!!
  6. I have a cambon bag and I put tons of stuffs in there, receipts bag, phone, pda, mp3 player, wallets, makeup,notes, etc... The open is not big, but it's not small, I was able to take things out and put things in very easily. it's not a problem for me at all and it's the bag that I use the most, it goes with every outfits I have.
  7. I think it opens up easy enough.