Cambon Bowler or Diamond Stitch Flap ?

  1. Hi! I am trying to decide between a Cambon Bowler w/patent CC's and the Diamond Stitch flap bag before the dreaded price increase.
    Could someone who owns the flap already tell me the approximate measurements of the bag and how much they feel it holds? I am also open to other opinions on the two bags as well.
    Thanks everyone!:smile:
  2. I like the Diamond Stitch much better. How about a Diamond stitch small tote? That kind of reminds me of the Cambon Bowler, except not as common nor faked.
  3. i like the diamond stich much better too.
  4. Cambon is heavily copied....DS is not.
  5. Diamond stitch hands down. It's sad because when I first saw the cambon ligne in Chanel stores I loooooved it... I didn't love seeing 4532452234x girls with fake versions everywhere.
  6. another vote for the diamond stitch.
  7. Diamond stitch!
  8. another vote for the diamond stitch
  9. OMG get the DS Flap!!!! I have this bag...Just used it yesterday....And those big CC's are out there!!!!! You won't regret it!!!
  10. DS all the way!
  11. DS because the cambon bowler is too structure. It's uncomfortable under the shoulder. The leather straps don't stay on too. The diamond stitch with the big CC is much better.
  12. Another for DS:tup:
  13. DS for me too!
  14. DS flap, I'll measure mine when I get home.
  15. You guys rock! Thank you all for your input. I really appreciate it:tup: