Cambon Bowler OR Cambon Medium tote?


Cambon Bowler OR Medium Cambon Tote

  1. Medium Cambon Tote

  2. Cambon Bowler

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  1. Which is better for a first time chanel bag owner? & which is more practical? I saw pictures of Paris Hilton wearing the bowler & it looks gorgeous on her, but the straps look kinda long. Which style is more comfortable on the shoulder? Does the bowler come in different sizes & how much is it retail? I am 5 feet 5 & weigh 115 lbs by the way.....Thanks!
  2. Anyone?
  3. definitely tote, you'll use it for work/play/everything.
  4. I have both bags, and like them both. But I do prefer the tote :yes:
  5. My first cambon was the brown bowler. It was great to use, fitted well on the shoulders and i could put quite a bit of stuff inside. :yes:

    It comes in 2 sizes. one small one that is hand held and one larger one that is carried on the shoudlers. I am about 5'5 too. :yes: The large one was $1300+? I cant rem exactly now. :shame:

    But i never regretted selling it off. I have the Cambon tote now and i love it to bits :love:
  6. Which one can fit more stuff in it? (the medium tote or the large bowler)?
  7. Anyone have pictures wearing them? Thanks!!
  8. Tote-
  9. i personally like the bowler alot more, but i tend to like that kind of shape more. plus, the bowler zips closed which i like better than the open top of the tote.
  10. I have both styles and I love them both. I find the tote to be more on the casual side while the bowler can be casual or dressed up. I'd pick the bowler first:smile:
  11. I'm bias, I have the bowler so I vote for the bowler :p

    But the tote is great too so whichever you decide, it'll be a good first Chanel!
  12. Thanks, everyone! I have decided to go with the Cambon bowler as I feel it's a little bit younger looking! & I love that the zipper can close the entire bag. Thanks for all of your help!
  13. ^ good choice!!! congrats!