cambon bowler & messenger

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  1. r they still available...
  2. yeahh....any1
  3. you only gave people 30 minutes. . . be patient:shrugs:

    Can you be more specific?
    Which colors? And do you mean the little tiny messenger/pouch thingy?
  4. ooh im sorry didnt mean to b rude


    and by messenger ... let me find a pic
  5. black and white will be very hard to find. It's been discontinued, only black on black and beige on beige is readily available in most stores.
    Maybe someone has seen a few though, good luck!
  6. ooh thanks i havent seen
    the black on black..hmm
  7. ...actually, I think I have several of them. They arent even out. Just sitting in a cabinet. I'll check & let you know how much they go for & take a picture of one for you if it is. I had the different size cambons, too. Alot of stores have backstock of older just have to ask them. There is usually too much merchandise to put out & the new stuff has priority. I was looking in our backstock and thinking about the forum that SAs post of their hidden treasures. I'll see what I can find for some pics.
  8. There is one of the messengers here in Portland, OR at Saks.

  9. Wow! When did they discontinue the black and white Cambon line? Recently?

  10. Really...well sell 1 to me HAHA (i wish)

    but thanks if you can get a pic
  11. Do you know if you all have the black patent on black large cambon tote?