Cambon Ballet Flats in London

  1. hi, Just incase anyone is interested I went to Chanel in Sloane Street yesterday and they had some Cambon ballet flats in black with the white C's on them. They only had a size 37 and 41 left.

    They also told me that this is the last order that is coming into their store. I did see some in harrods too, but I didn't ask what sizes.

    They were £230.

    I got a pair and they are lovely, and so comfortable. :yes:
  2. oh no I won't be home until end of June to buy them.
    Are they true to size?
  3. Thanx I am gonna see if I can get my size
  4. Chanelbaby, yes they are true to sieze. I am a 7 and I tried the 40 and 41 and the 41 were too big, I got the 40. If you call up I'm sure they will hold them for you. Good luck.
  5. Thanks for the info! Do you have pics?
  6. No, I am going to try and take some tomorrow night. have never uploaded photos so might take me a while!!

    I'm sure someone bought some rencently and put pics online, will have a look through and see if I can find them.
  7. NOOO! They don't have my size:crybaby:But I am on the waitlist for Selfridges so hopefully I will get them one day. I just wanna have them so I dont miss out