Cambon bag....anyone see this style before?


Which style is better?

  1. The rectangular messenger cambon bag...

  2. The one in the picture (sorry, don't know the name)

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  1. Thoughts on this style? Anyone have seen this bag who can comment on it?? I have only seen the messenger style before. What do you think of the style as a cross body bag with the thinner straps? The straps are adjustable. I think this style is more unique than the rectangular messenger style as I don't seen too many fakes before. Do you like this style better or the rectangular messenger style better? Any comments on this style? Do you think this fit as much as the messenger style considering the bag is flat? I like that you can organize your things with the separate pockets. Any comments will be great! Thanks in advance!

  2. I am attaching a picture of the regular messenger style so ppl can compare.

  3. Isn't that bag suppossed to go around the waist??? I think the thin straps look a bit strange as a messenger.
  4. ^Agreed. It definitely looks like a waist bag to me, which I do like more than the messenger style. :yes:
  5. The messenger one is Better! Corect me if I'm wrogng but the one with the thinner rope like straps is actually chanels version of a belt bag. I wouldn't be able to figure a way to tie the straps so that it would hold up the bag with all my stuff in it (its quiet big ) of course unless your a sailor or went to girls scouts and learned to tie a killer knot
  6. i have seen this bag before and I know it is meant to be tied round the waist.
  7. ^:roflmfao:
  8. I like the regular messenger bag better. The waist bag is difficult to wear and rather uncomfortable at times, like when you bend down.
  9. I haven't seen the waist one. I think the regular messenger looks better imo.
  10. I prefer the 2nd one (the attached pic)......:smile: