Cambon B/B bowler

  1. Hello everyone,

    I am new here. I am in love with the cambon B/B bowler. Does any of you know where can I buy it and how much? Thanks!
  2. Welcome captainy!
    Sorry ~~ I have only seen the black/white combo recently at Saks & Neiman Marcus. Not sure of the price--possibly around 1K.
    Boy, I'm a lot of help...! :shame:
  3. I haven't seen a black/black combo. I have a black/white and it cost 1375.
  4. Nordstrom in downtown Seattle has black with black patent CC's for $1375.
  5. Thank you everyone.
    Whats Nordstroms in Seattle' s number? Will they ever go on sale?
  6. Black doesn't go on sale because it's a staple piece in the collection. Maybe if they ever decide to get rid of the cambon collection, it will go on sale. I have also heard of a few pfers getting a black/white on sale, but that was just complete luck for them.
  7. Captainy ~~ I think I saw a Black/Black Bowler at the NM in Boca. Not on sale, though.