Cambon 40% off on the 31st

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  1. Hello all. Came back from Saks where the Chanel manager said that they are again putting all of the Cambon (except for B&W) on sale, but this time for 40% off.:biggrin: The sale is on the 31st, but they are doing presales right now.
  2. THANKS! Good info..VERY bad for my wallet!LOL!
  3. Mama Ava,
    Which Saks? I just called and was told not the Black on Black, do you know if yours included the B/B?
  4. I don't think so. I think that it excludes any where the main color is black. Also, a friend just called becuase I told her about it. She said that our Saks has also included some non-Cambone styles, for example the buck leather is on sale as well. The one they had was the "tote" style, but it kind of remindes me of a curvy bowlling style. Sorry, I am so into the Cambon, haven't got around to learning about the other styles. So, ask your saks what else will be included besides the cambon.

    Our Saks is the Cleveland area one.
  5. Do u have a phone number??? My local saks doesn't carry Chanel...:yucky:
  6. Will they ship to Canada?
  7. 216.292.5500.

    I don't know about Canada, but I think they can try and find what you want and get it to you (at least in the US)
  8. I just called chanel NM san diego, presale on Monday 12-6 pm, cambon line (black, beige,pink )and some older pieces. She told me only 30 % off (sometime they don't know anything)
    the sale will end June 2nd.

    It's the number to call for Fashion Valley (619) 692 9108 Melanie
  9. saks is 40%.. i called and asked... i'll go to saks tomorrow for presale
  10. Thanks guy! I'll be sure to call them tomorrow. :idea:
  11. Do you think the boutiques will have sales too?..
  12. I am so making a cameo! :P :biggrin: :lol:

  13. I'm looking for a cambon long wallet. What colors that it comes with that would be included in the sale? HELP!

    I don't have a saks card, should I call in anyway? HELP! :Push:
  14. I'm not very familiar with prices, how much would a Cambon wallet cost? And what styles do they currently carry?

    40% is an AMAZING deal !
  15. I know there is a bi-fold wallet which is sized like a square with a tab closure and a long wallet. Both are within $20 in price range. Somewhere around $565 or so.

    I would like to know the available colors that is being included in this sale and which SAKS have them.

    Is White with black CC included? :love:
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