Calypso or Black Patent Easy....


Aug 20, 2008
I know...two totally different bags: the Calypso and the Easy...although in black patent

...but here is what I would use it for:

I do day trips for work from Phoenix to Las Vegas, and need a great bag that I can sometimes throw my files, laptop (would usually carry a laptop bag), and walk into a client with...and run through the airport with....

I have to say, that I am truly IN LOVE with the Easy, and I like how you can use it as a big tote and a small little bag too (not that it is little), and it is chic!! Plus, I have two VERY little boys, so the dirt factor would not be a big issue in the event that I want to use it for a tote with them....

I have a LOT of black bags....wonder if I am just being stupid, and really don't "need" another bag....but I don't have a black patent....(and the price is awesome).

I also think the Calypso is very pretty, although the color I am looking at is more of a pearlized grey (can't get it off of Saks site because it is down...). My SA swears I need this bag over the Easy...but maybe he just wants a higher commission??

Any thoughts would be appreciated....
Hi ryrybaby12!

I like the Easy bag better -- I have yet to take mine out of the house but I really seems like a gorgeous everyday bag, whereas the Calypso is more dressy? I know the Calypso is the newest style but I don't love the shape. BTW the pic you posted of the Easy seems to be of the smooth leather rather than the patent leather....both look great IMO. It seems like you have a clear idea of what you need in a bag and the Easy fits those needs best.
I am in love with the easy too, am deciding between the black patent and the white leather. I'll probably end up getting the black patent one as it's more practical plus cheaper.
Thanks everyone...I think I am going with the Easy, because it is sooo "easy"...;) I think this one in black patent is just TDF....very chic, but can also be conservative....thanks, and I will post pics when I get it...