Warehouse Sale Oct 11-14 NYC

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  1. Has anyone ever been to one of their warehouse sales? How was it? Worth going?
  2. I went many years ago and it was really, really good. I think I walked out with three large bags and spent less than $100.
  3. I went today. Got there at 11:45 when it was supposed to open at noon. And no line, BUT LATER there was a one hour wait to get in. Also, I waited online for literally 3 hours to pay. It was a really slow checkout service for some reason. Julia dresses in silk and cotton are $30. Skirts are $30, tanks are $10, shoes are $10-$30. Definitely worth a stopover if you are a big calypso fan (which i am)

    word of advice though, get there early or be prepared to wait
  4. I'm heading over today. I've been to the last few and they reduce the prices a little more each day. I learned my lesson after watching a bag I liked drop $100 by the end of the sale.
  5. I got there around 4:45 yesterday and waited to get in for about 15 minutes. Someone at the sale offered us this bit of advice: "Get in line immediately and shop as you're in line." If today is anything like yesterday, I would follow that advice. The line snaked all the way to the back and it was so slow-moving -- I was in line about two hours -- that you could pick up items from the boxes as the line moved along.

    I bought a lot of items that I don't think will be around come sunday, when the prices are going to fall. I also got three things for my husband that he doesn't want so I wasted $50.

    Amazingly funky necklaces that retailed for $280 were just $5. they were supposed to be $20, but they were all in the wrong bin and they sold them to me for $5. I have no idea how to wear them, but once I figure it out, I should be stunning!

    There's no try-ons and beware of the really strict woman who will chastise you for trying anything on.

    Here's my haul:
    I got three silk wrap dresses, a long dress, a dress that had the cracked out original price of $985, six necklaces and belts -- christmas presents! -- a top and items for my husband.
  6. ^^ You are so much my hero. Okay, I'm sneaking out now. Update later.
  7. I LOVE calypso! I am going to try to head there early tomorrow because I think at this point it's already 1:20 and the lines are probably insane.
  8. I got there at 10:05 and there was a line to get in that went around the corner. The good news? They opened late. I got a dress for $40, a sweater ($30), a swimsuit for $10, 2 candles at $5 each and a Mimosa gift set for $20. Did anyone check out the jewelry sample sale on Mott Street? I scored a $200 gold necklace for the amazing price of $40.

    I was going to go to Escada today but really, I think I'm done.
  9. what is mott address
  10. 252 Mott Street, between Houston & Prince. The sale goes through the month of October. Happy hunting.
  11. Did anyone go today? How were the prices? Anyone going on Sunday?
  12. I went & there were tons of boxes w/things marked down from $20 to $5 & $10. There were some nice deals & tons of ppl.
  13. what time did you go? I went at 11 and got loads of stuff for $15 each and four nicole purses for $20 each. I had considered going later in the day because I assumed they would lower prices even more.

    I love sample sale season, especially this year when we're off to England for christmas to visit our families and we need to get around 15 gifts. We just need to find something for our special mothers and we're all done.
  14. I was there around 3pm. They'd crossed out prices on many of the boxes. There was a ton of stuff. Calypso dresses were down to $10 & tanks were $5. Belts were only $3! I'm glad that I waited until the last day. Good luck finding presents for the moms. :smile: