Calvin Klein - up to 90% off

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  1. wow thanks so much!
  2. thanks!!
  3. Does anyone have the free s/h code? Thanks!
  4. most of them are not available. thx for posting.
  5. I have died and gone to CK heaven [​IMG] Thanks for posting!
  6. Damn most things are sold out already [​IMG]
  7. #8 Jan 31, 2009
    Last edited: Jan 31, 2009
    Wow, those are some good deals! Most things are gone, but hey, I got a sweater and skirt anyway. Whoo hoo! Thanks for posting!
  8. calvin klein runs big, right?
  9. Shipping was not too bad. Thanks for posting!
  10. Thanks!! I love those coats! They are already sold out but congratulations to anyone who got one!!!!!
  11. I hope not! I had to go one size up because my size was sold out :P
  12. Just ordered some jacket.... thanks for posting
  13. wow, i love the wrap sweater... too bad it's gone. i have the graphic print dress in my shopping bag right now... any opinions? :smile:
  14. i got the back vneck charmeuse top in black... so hot