calvin klein sample sale - NYC

  1. hello ladies .. just wanted to let you know that calvin klein is having a sample sale today. i work in the building and just happened to find out. it's 512 7th ave ( corner of 37th) , 24th floor. have fun. i assume it's today and tomm until 5. let me know if you get anything nice . clothes only .. no shoes or bags :sad:
  2. did you go? did you find any good deals?
  3. i haven't gone up , but some girls here bought suits for $40 and dresses for $30..
  4. thanks for the info! appreciate it! will definitely drop by.
  5. I told my co-worker about this (we work 2 blocks from the ss) and she just called me to say she went there at about 5:45 and it was empty. One of the execs said it was employees only and that the sale was over. She said everyone there was nice to her but she was mortified!:tdown: