Calvin Klein messenger

  1. Hi! I recently visited the Premium Outlet in Tulalup the other day and found a CK messenger that I really liked. However, I didn't get the style number or the dimensions. Stupid me.

    Well, I just called the store and the woman seemed like she was being bombarded by customers so I tried not to ask too many questions. She said there are two types of dimensions in the outlet 15 x 12 and 17 x 13.

    I'm really interested in the 17x13s and I want to know what the two look like. I asked for the style numbers: #6031 and #5011. I've been googling and eBaying like mad and I can't find any photos or information on these two bags. All I know is that one has a flap and the other doesnt. And one has the monogram and the other doesn't. If anyone knows pleeeease post a photo.

    Thank you! :heart: