Calvin Klein bags - anyone else have problems?

  1. I am REALLY mad! I bought a Calvin Klein bag on sale at Dillards. It was originally $290 and it was on sale for $99 because it was missing a zipper pull inside. Dillard's said it was a "final sale" because of that!

    The purse is gorgeous soft, black leather, it has a drawstring closure and silver/nickel hardware. Up the side of the purse the silver metal forms two inverted triangles. It really was such a unique bag I just grabbed it up!

    I have worn the bag maybe three times for less than an hour each time. The metal drawstring pull is scoring the leather cord every time you open and close the bag. The grommets, that the drawstring cord goes through is also scoring the cord! Someone suggested putting black shoe cream to cover the scoring!

    Then, last night, when I was conditioning my leather bags, the silver accent pieces that run down the side of the bag literally fell apart!

    I am astonished that a $300 bag can fall apart this quickly! I am trying to get ahold of someone at Calvin Klein but keep getting pushed to different departments. I'm sure I could convince Dillards' to take the purse back, since it is so defective, but I do like the bag and would rather see CK fix it.

    Has anyone else had this problem with CK handbags and did you ever get a resolution?

  2. I have a tan nappa crescent and have never had any problems - in fact, it's one of my favorites. I'm sorry that happened to you... keep pushing back on CK to fix...